Relationship Counselling

An emotionally and mentally sound adult is capable of having emotionally and mentally sound relationships , However a lot of different Human equations right from the time of our birth and how we have been conditioned, determine this balance.

Relationships are not just couples , but bonds between a parent and child , siblings , friends , co –workers bring us a lot of joy or sadness in life depending on how they are handled.

Many a times when we are way too involved with any individual and going through a tough phase , we alone cannot untangle the many complications a human mind can create. During such difficulties talking to someone and seeking advice from a third person who doesn’t really have any biases attached can be helpful.This advice is not about telling you what to do in your life , but to help you understand yourself better and empower you to take charge of your situations to do whats best in your capacity

This is what we aim at achieving with our therapy work with relationship counseling.