Meet Neha

Neha befits the definition of being a  multitalented professional with a multifaceted personality.

A proud BFRP (Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner) , Portrait Photographer, graphic designer and a sketch artist. She  toggles seamlessly between  completely different work fields and worlds still connected with one similarity, that is creativity.

Neha found her voice and expression through Photography, as she captured emotions and gave them a framework, sharing that with the world. She was always fascinated to see how one can go through a myriad of  emotions all at once..the quest for finding her own voice, her expression and in turn herself coupled with this fascination, led her to set off on a journey towards finding answers and also  healing herself.  As she learnt more about the art of emotional intelligence, it also got her interested in the nature and benefits of the Bach Flower Remedies, which had already shown wonderful results in her own emotional healing process. She further acquired knowledge about the remedies and went on to qualify officially as a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP)

Neha is also a competent practitioner and has seen  equally positive results of the remedies and her own assessment of the  emotions to work on, with all of her own clients as well. The journey continues as she grows as a competent practitioner of the remedies.

Neha also doubles up as an Associate, working with her mentor and teacher, Aarti Ranadive, to spread the knowledge about the Bach Flower Remedies in India and around the world, coordinating and organising for trainings and  workshops conducted by Aarti Ranadive, as well as being the client interface.

In her words, “Working with Aarti gives me an opportunity to show and express my creativity of also being a graphic designer in addition to all of the above. My role is a complete package, it is very challenging as it is exciting and equally gratifying.”

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