19 Nov

Reiki has been practiced around the world for years now. So what does it mean?
Reiki is actually made from 2 Japanese words, Rei = Higher power or God’s wisdom and Ki = Energy or Lifeforce. So in other words Reiki means Life force or energy from the Higher Guidance. And when I say Higher Guidance I do not look at a specific religion or God. It is present in all of us irrespective of our cast creed or religion. Simply because we all are living, which means we all have this life force within us.
Just like your mother’s hand comforted you when you were sick or in pain. All she had to do was hold you close or just place her loving hand over your bruise or forehead. As a kid, it healed all of us instantly. We felt better, happier. The crazy never-ending raging tears also would stop almost instantly.
Ever wondered why it stopped working as we grew older?
Not that the touch didn’t work any longer. But we confused our bodies and minds so much with unnecessary doubt and reasoning that it hurt even more because of the doubt we created. The pain and discomfort increased because our hearts and mind wanted to feel calmer and peaceful but we forced our brains into thinking weather this magic was true, why was it happening, how was it happening, what was the mechanics? Wasn’t she always the first one to heal you.
And then one day we read about a certain Technique, A science, A Modality ( add as many fancy words you may like to hear ) Called a certain Healing Technique, where the healer puts his hands on your body and you feel warmth . You feel your blood gushing into your entire system. And you eventually start feeling calmer, Peaceful, and physically better.
One Such modality called Reiki.
Now tell me .. Wasnt this the exact feeling you felt with your mother around? God or Higher guidance has been very kind to us. He has given all of us the magical powers that we crave for. The only problem is that we run around other people searching for it not realizing that, they too are humans of flesh and blood. If they can why can’t we? All we need to do is tap into this universal power within us.
Back in the 1920s, a Japanese Healer called Mikao Usui Taught 1000s of students this magical healing technique called Reiki.
Isn’t it wonderful to have such an amazing tool not only with you but within you that you can use anywhere to help yourself and others?
Reiki is used in treating Physical, Emotional, and Mental Diseases.
You can use Reiki to balance the Chakras of your body, to ease any physical pain.
In the coming blogs, I will discuss how you can use Reiki and the symbols to deal with specific issues… Once you are attuned to Reiki ( that needs to be done by a Reiki Master ) you can use the Reiki Symbols in many different ways to sort things in your life.

Feel free to ask me more.

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