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A warm and pleasant human being, with a heart that beats for every living thing, especially so, for 4 legged beings, perhaps a healer from a previous life, a friend, a counsellor, Aarti P Ranadive, is a combination of all of these, that has led her to take up the path that she is on today.

One of the first few Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners (BFRP), in India certified by the Bach Centre, UK, a licensed  Level 1, 2 & 3 teacher with the Bach Foundation, Aarti has helped many a clients, both humans and animals, to address some of the emotional and mental disturbances that affected them, thus helping them, to lead fulfilling lives.

A catalyst of change in their mental and emotional health, Aarti continues to touch lives, and through her style of consulting, is able to effectively identify and address some of the key issues that people grapple with, that in turn impacts their physical health as well.

Aarti has to her credit, of having worked with patients with chronic physical ailments, that have become more manageable and healed faster, by addressing their associated mental and emotional preparedness to deal with the ailment, as well as the ability and motivation to cope and stay hopeful.

What She Does?

The Healer

With a BSc in Microbiology  from Wilson College, Mumbai and MSc from The Sheffield Hallam University UK, Aarti has had a keen interest in the science behind everything, but she has also been very keenly inclined towards spirituality and alternate sciences as well. She has been trained on various modalities, such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Tibetan Yoga and Access Consciousness. Her spiritual quest is seen and felt in everything she does on a daily basis, and not just words alone.

While she started off with Tarot and Angel reading as a young college student, more as a pastime, but the accuracy of her readings have given her a huge fan following whereby people trust her readings and keep coming back with some of their problems, to which she most willingly provides implementable solutions.

To add to her repertoire, Aarti also practices and has had amazing results, as an Animal Whisperer / Communicator.

Loves to Share her Wisdom.

The Teacher

Aarti regularly conducts various workshops and now certified Level 1, 2, and 3 workshops on Bach Flower Remedies, across India, in addition to other workshops on topics ranging from Mental & Emotional wellbeing, PCOD, Stress management etc.

She was invited to deliver guest lectures to the ENT department at one of Mumbai’s oldest hospital and medical institutions, JJ hospital, and to the Nursing staff at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, on Bach Flower Remedies, both of which, considering they are both core medical institutions, are definitely bright feathers in her hat and coveted engagements.

Some of the testimonials speak volumes about Aarti as a human being, a professional and a practitioner. There is so much ground to cover and still so much more to be done!


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