Bach Flower Remedies

The treatment of tomorrow will be essentially to bring four qualities to the patient .

First Peace , Secondly Hope , Thirdly Joy and Fourthly Faith” – Dr Edwrad Bach

Bach Flower Remedies is a gentle system of Healing , created by Dr Bach back in the 1930s.His aim was to make sure every individual benefits from the healing properties of Nature and empower them to take control of their life rather than just depending on medicines .

True to his Quote , We as practitioners of Bach Flower Remedies, believe in the same .

Bach Flower Remedies are made from flowers found mostly in United Kingdom and the dilutions made using grape brandy as preservative.

These remedies help in balancing our emotions by slowly and gently replacing negative human emotions like Fear , Anxiety , Despair , Uncertainly , Depression , Restlessness by Courage , Faith , Confidence , Happiness and Calm.

Our body has an innate mechanism of healing itself when provided with the optimum conditions . These conditions basically depend on our emotional and mental stability and balance. The remedies work on achieving this exact balance and hence the after effects or results of the therapy are eventually seen in the physical body as well , replacing Dis- Ease with Ease or wellness.In our private consulting sessions , importance is given to the client’s story and emotions rather than the physical symptoms alone. The aim is to always comfort the client by giving her/him a listening ear and allowing them, the space to be themselves.

Remedies are then very carefully chosen to make a combination very exclusive to each client which is what assures guaranteed results.

The healing time taken by each client is different depending on how chronic or acute the situation is .

We make sure complete confidentiality and privacy is maintained around our sessions.